Hi there, this is me Brady

Thank you for coming this way. On this site you'll find a small story of a small person chasing small dreams for a complex purpose. Feel free to explore, you are home!!!

About Me

I am a Painting Artist, Poet/Songwriter, Website Designer, Writer among many other creative things. On this site, you'll find some of my work, what I like to call a small story of a small person chasing small dreams for a complex purpose! Thank you, welcome aboard and don't forget to live life lively!

Painting Art

I like to call painting a part of me that brings out the me in me. I love color and strokes and the beauty that comes from this combination! I've been painting since 2011 and I'm astonished by how I'm evolving and how my dreams are getting closer. I also do painting as a profession


If I'm not painting with brush and color, I'm painting with words and a little soul. I love rhythm, I love flow, I love poetry and song! The sing in song awakens the nerve which drips on paper to crucify symphonies that live in my heart! In every poem I write, you'll find a little piece of my heart lubricated with a little soul

Website Design

At WordPress, they say “Code is Poetry” and I agree! When I'm not painting or chanting songs and dripping on paper, I'm somewhere at a corner doing JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This site is a product of my work as a Web Designer, and many other sites I've helped to build!

What People Say About My Work

The following are some views of people who've interacted with my work

Patrick Thuo

Patrick Thuo

Founder, The Granny's Corner

The delivery was timely. I found your professionalism on point. Sharing your timelines for delivering allows for management of expectations. Keep it up.

Mary Kraus

Mary Kraus


Though I love words, words cannot express how thankful I am to not only have met you, but gotten to know you. I came to Kenya not knowing who I was with a wall around my heart and fog in my brain. Seeing your art & poetry broke the wall down and cleared the fog