I from the land of the unknown
In untold pain I groan
For I do not know the colour of the fluid
That flows in my veins
The colour of my blood


Tell me, witchdoctor
Is it scarlet, crimson or vermilion
I'm I a pig, a cow or a chameleon
Should I grunt, moo or chant like a champion
Tell me, witchdoctor, about
The colour and the type
Of the blood in my veins

I cannot play with Kamau and Njogu
You say Halima and Fatmah aren't my ndugu
Odhiambo's blood is peculiar
Ching Chung is not a man from my area
Kerubo and Chemtai are prone to malaria
You say their blood is not thick like ours
The blood in my veins


Ole Sendeyo Ntimama comes from the tribe that jumps
You say their blood is not calm
I should therefore not date Sanaipei
For a lot of cows I'll pay
The blood in their veins is not calm
Not calm like, you say
The blood in my veins