I'm never lonely when I think about you
I'm never lonely, oh, you're here with me
Your eyes make the stars blush in fear
Your face makes a trillion move near
You will always be in my heart
And I'll always feel so great, Sweetheart

They say that when people part they part for good
No-no-no! That is so rude
That is the biggest lie I've ever heard
'Cause I see your face on every shining star
And the wind sends me your kisses from far
I always hear you chirping
And tweeting
With the birds
When it dawns; when it dawns

Years have gone; so many of them
My love for you grows; 'tis ne'er the same
And though you are gone; I've ne'er forgotten your name
Already 'tis done; there's no one to blame


On my face, tears rolling
On the floor tears dripping
In the streets crying n' crying
Your lovely name always calling
Do come back, oh, my darling
Oh, my darling, oh, my darling, oh, my darling...