Teach a man to fish
And he’ll eat fish as per his wish
By the lake Sir Edward saw Odundo struggling
Sweating, coughing while rowing
He said, ‘Africans are interesting
I think I’ll buy him a ship
So he can get fish in a way so cheap'

The ship was bought and brought
And Odundo threw away his boat
But alas and alack!
Captain Odundo was taken aback
The ship was rocket science by the lake
Sir Edward had made him sweat and shake

‘I want to go back to my hut,’
Captain said
‘Driving a ship is hard’

The next day sir Edward met captain
Weary, weak and in pain
Glaring at the wretched boat he had thrown
Glowering with a frown
‘I made a mistake by the lake’
What did I do for the lake’s sake?’
Sir Edward cursed himself aloud
This situation he should not have allowed.