Beggar: I’m a beggar; a human like you
A coin will do
I don’t ask for cheques
But if given I’ll be thankful
Where did good hearts go to
I entertain you with my harp
Yet a penny you can’t drop
It’s as if I chose to be lame

Passer by: Nobody is to blame
Good and bad hearts are same
Both are prone to wear and tear
For decades you’ve been here
Waiting for fish to drop in your basket
Many have dropped and you swallowed
You never kept one for tomorrow
Or did you fear it would rot?

Beggar: What you give is too small
I taste and alas! It is over
When I keep for tomorrow
I get hungry in the night and swallow
But sir, don’t you see I’m blind
I’m deaf, dumb, lame, crippled
I need your alms

Passer by: Helen Keller lived in a silent world
A world quite and unseen
Yet she found it easy to live
Never held a bowl by the road
In this world brains work; not brawn
Don’t be fearful to stretch yours
Be different
Come; let me show you how to fish
And you‘ll eat fish as per your wish