A gale blows
On my heart with heavy blows
In the mist I see hazy shadows
Blurred images of lovebirds dancing
And this mundane song my heart is humming
Two by two they walk
In an affable manner they talk
While my flesh decays in a lonely fork

I am like the weeping fig trees above
Lonely like a lovesick male dove
Crying in the streets for love
But there are many vipers in this cave
Gazing at your elegance
But I still see a chance

The sizzling soup in the pot
Does burn my tongue so hot
You glare at me I dare talk not
My face goes red with embarrassment
My voice grows hoarse and I go silent

My heart is so pusillanimous
So spacious
Yes there’s space
Once more I yearn to see your face
Dwell in your embrace
Make durable my euphoria
My dearest Gloria