How hard to imagine that love can hurt
I thought it would be spasms of joy in my heart
But look, love is a roofless hut
A wound a painful cut
Irritating like the meowing of a hungry cat
With all the boom! boooom! booom! it has
Love draws sad maps on my face
Paindrops! Paindrops! Paindrops!

I thought I’d forever see your bewitching smile
Walk with you chest to chest down the aisle
Kiss those tender sexy lips with passion
Caress your royal hair in slow-motion
Touch those dimples with love not infatuation
Gaze, glare at your eyes of angelic impression
But lo! It was all but illusion
Paindrops! Paindrops! Paindrops!

My heart harbours a big scar
Since I lost you my dear lovely star
Not in space not in the sand not far
When I see you with the other my blood is tar
Why think yourself so cheap
Why embrace a killer like a sheep
Paindrops! Paindrops! Paindrops!