I'm writing this post out of my concern for sprouting poets, painting artists, photographers, writers and any other creative mind out there.

I know how difficult it is to be established in the creative world. You may not be discovered if you don't find enough exposure. I'm not promising to give you all the exposure you want but the little that I'll do will hopefully be helpful; if not now, eventually.

This blog receives a lot of traffic from almost every part of the globe. So, I'm giving any creative mind a chance to showcase their talent here. You never know who is going to find your work interesting and help you grow.

At the end of the post connected to your work, I'll be saying something small about you which will definitely attract interest. I wish I had something big to do to help upcoming creative minds grow but let's start from here. However, if you have any suggestions or you want to be part of this, kindly inform me.

Meanwhile, I'll be helping underground creative minds come up also with other avenues, apart from having their work on this blog, where they'll showcase their work like blogs and portfolio websites. If you need my assistance in this please tell me. I'll be more than willing to chip in.

It should, however, be noted that I'm not doing this expecting anything in return. You don't owe me or this blog anything. What I wish to do is to give a voice to talent that has not seen the light very well. I only ask you to be yourself. You are a unique brand. It's purely out of your own volition, if this blog helps you in any way to grow, to help others also. I personally do not force you to do anything.

I'm not a very established poet and painting artist at the moment of writing this, but I believe GREAT THINGS HAPPEN WHEN MANY SMALL PEOPLE COME TOGETHER AND UNITE FOR A CAUSE.

Click here and tell me that you want your work to appear on this blog.