I'll be your Guardian Angel
Guard you from every evil
I'll fly you heights
The human mind has never been
I'll roll you in stardust
Curl the universe in your palms

Someone like you
Deserves a vacation on Venus
I won't get you tired though
I'll make Venus your stool
And baby should you feel cold
I'll wrap you in my wings
Brush your bosom softly
With the angelic hairs
On my warm wanting chest

Your feet will not be cold
I'll let your soles rest
On my warm insteps
And if that's not enough
I'll hold you tighter
Let you feel the riotous pumping
Of this jealous heart

Yes, I'll be your Guardian Angel
And won't let you fall
You will ride on my wings
Beyond limits and light
My eyes will see you through
The darkest point of darkness

I'll guide you towards falls
Of passionate heart-bulging love
My blazing fingers
Will draw fireworks
Allover your lascivious figure

© 254brady 2018