I want to love you
Like none has loved
To hold you captive
With a love that gets sick
To be healed by your kisses
I want to give you a love
That will make Cupid jealous
That will make angels dizzy

I want to cup your brilliant cheeks
In my warm palms
To give you kisses that'll sink
The lightest feather
That'll make anchors afloat
To caress you till you feel your skin
Swiftly escape your lithe body
To hold you close to me
Let you hear the music
Oozing from my thudding heart

I want your dark hair
To form rivers on my pillow
I want you to kill my sorrow
So that when I see you tomorrow
I'll gasp what a night
I want to see the light
In your dark spots
I want to see the beauty
In your ugly mistakes
I want to love you
Like none has loved

©254brady, 2017