I've had enough
But I want more
Make it rough
I want to roar
Undress me to the bone
Till I'm nipped and done
Give it to me
Till I jounce in the knee
And my soul becomes a sweating sea
Till my spirit sails with glee
Give me excess kind of love
Carefree; more love, no glove

Make me forget
We're getting late
Or even have in me regret
Overflow my plate
Show me the ends of a black hole
Measure the length of the North Pole
Babe, life is short
And, tonight, you're hot
My eyes are bloodshot
Yet I haven't been doing pot

Just so you know
Before the arrow leaves the bow
Or the sower goes to sow
I'll have quickly made it slow
And your eyes will glow
From my tender, loving blow
Ecstasies in a row
Beads of sweat above your brow
Our need will grow
And forget when the cock will crow
You're mine
Come rain, come shine
And this mutual feeling is divine
We need no bread, no wine
On our love let us drink and dine

©254brady, December 2018

Photo: Jim Sung


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