I'm blushing
All through this poem
With memories
Of Blue Band Kadogo
And slices
Of yellow United Bread
Inside a blue
And translucent wrapper
Lucozade, Big G and Flambo
When Mwala
Was taller
Tropicana Baking Flour
Shika Paka Power!
Your Channel, Your Choice!
And you, Michelle
The sister to Loyce
Michelle... oh, Michelle
The older girl
Who harboured all my love...

The Yvonne Chakachaka song
Something Mkomboti, I forget
Whenever that song...
I could only think of
The Tuzos on your chest
Your lethargically purposeful eyes
That fleshy lower lip
The Bold and the Beautiful
Those juicy chubby cheeks
Teeth as white
As Mandashi Baking Powder
That made me want to
Never Say Goodbye
Nunca Te Dire Adios
For I was Charmed

I was only five
Yet that
Rose Petroleum Jelly perfume
Stole my innocence
That heartcuffing figure aside
I felt strange calmness
Whenever you passed close
I knew
I wanted you
So bad and mad
But I couldn't say
For the coconuts
Had no milk
And the lion cub
Had no mane
Yet still
You drove me past insane!

I loved you
For you said
My name correctly
And your palms were soft
Your skin smoother
From the White Baby Powder
In a small
White rectangular bottle
Your belly felt warmer
On my right cheek
When you hugged me
Your breath
Was just something else
When you bent
To talk to me, your shorty
I felt like
I could kiss you...
That's why
I've blushed all through this poem!!

© 254brady, January 2019

Photo: Frank Morrison


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