When I said
I love you
I didn't just say
Three words
I've played my Violin
And given you good Seduction
I still want To Love You
And enjoy
Every Time With You...
I've talked about
Down your spellbinding cleavage
And gangbusters kindness
Desired and admired you
In your kinetic full-blooded lingerie
Your ensnaring succulent thighs
Still make me
Joggle in the knees...
I want us to Escape
Yet still remain present

Nothing tears lovers apart
Except themselves
So when outside voices
Get too loud
Have my love as earmuffs...
I'm a jealous person
More jealous than you've seen
Or known
But make me, love
Feel more jealous of myself
For having
A gem like you
Than that someone
You smiled at last night...
I have fears
Of losing you
Because I know
What I have
So, please hunnie
Don't be frigid
When I ask too many questions

I'm not
The cutest and 'sexiest' person
That ever lived
I'm not a catwalk husband
I know you deserve better
That's why
I still want to be
Your Best Friend Forever
So I can have
The whole of you
In myself
And give you
The whole of me...

Yes, I love you
Also, I want you
Beyond extremely seriously...
If someone told me
You've found greener grass
And I've been having doubts
And I find myself
Believing them
With my billion reasons
I'd still look for zillion facts
To say you can't
And look in my heart
And also yours
Before I bring Gehenna...
Then, baby, we have mouths
Or other ways of talking
And ears
Or other ways of hearing

I want
To look at you
When you're grey and wrinkled
Yet still see this girl
I saw in her early 20's
I may have money
And some gold and platinum
We may live underwater
In tortoise shells
Or on Mars and Uranus...
Some say 'man don't age'
I want though
To keep my grains
In one granary
And my bees
In one trap
I want to stay alive
Even when
I swiftly breathe my last...

Penzi tusilitie doa
Gubigubi yetu ya ndani
Visa visivunje ndoa
Usalie wangu mwandani
Fedhuli wasikubundishe
Ukaja bukua siri
Vidhabidhabina wakeshe
Wafe alfajiri
Mkoko nd'o waalika maua
Na penzi letu lawaua
Laiti wangalijua
Twaweza zima hata jua...

Photo: Matt Story


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