Take me
Far away
Take me
Further than the sky
Take me far beyond the moon
Let us trek through the sun
Show me
What's never been seen
Let me be
Your favourite sin

’Cause I wanna
Make you wider than Uranus
Fill all your black holes
And those feared winds of Saturn
’M gonna make them your fan
And if you need something
To warm your soft feet
I'll bring Mercury home
Do you need a chandelier
Venus is right on my lips

Move closer don't be shy
Do you feel
Clouds in your pockets
Do galaxies
Dig gulleys on your bosom
Wanna know
Where all that's from
Don't even ask
I show you

I wanna make you
Scream but not leave
I wanna make you
Yell but stay
Gonna make you
Choke but breathe
Gonna make you
Writhe but want more
Gonna make you
Shake but feel calm
Gotta make you my Princess
Just make me your Prince...

© 254brady, February 2019


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