How are you doing
I just stopped by to say...
Maybe nothing at all
But, hey
Are those tears
'Cause I wish I'd stop you
From rubbing your lovely eyes...
Do you miss me
Why then do you hide
Am I that bad

I've been wandering allover
Looking for your match
But the chemistry won't add up
That's why I came
’Cause memories ain't fair to me
Especially that I loved
Not just the you on you
But mostly the you in you
Hey Do you feel me

I don't like the melancholic state
Eating up your graceful soul
I'm irreparably addicted
To your blithesome form
So, hey...
The reason I'm here
Is ’cause I'm wide aware
Of what I've been missing
And I can't wait any longer
For lack of you
Has taught me
Just how much I need you

Clouds form in my eyes
Every time I see your blouse
I grasp it
Draw it close to my nose
Just to drink your cologne...
Every time
I step in the shower
And touch the faucet
The picture of your skin
Beaded with pregnant droplets
Cuffs my melting heart...
Then I remember
Our embarrassing shower sessions
Hahaha, hey...
How we turned the shower
Into a little peaceful hell
The peaceful fights
Rapacious grappling...

Should be a bed of roses
That's why it's got thorns
We get pricked
And pricking is painful
But should we forget
The charm of a rose
Just because we got pricked
The thorns only protect
The poor beautiful thing...
Do you feel me

© 254brady, June 2018


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