Don't get mad
When I look
At you
A little longer
Baby, don't fume
When my lips move
But say nothing...
Yes, please
Play hard-to-get
But a little closer

I'm knocking
And noiselessly banging
The gates of your soul
This might seem all foul
But, listen to a lover's call
It's not my fault
Blame the heart
‘Culpa al corazon’...
The love in me
Is a great
But you should hear
The choirs in my heart
Whenever I feel
Your entrancing presence!

You knocked me down
And knocked good
Two years
Yet I've not recovered...
I don't wanna recover!
You seem so distant
Yet so close...
Is it that thing
In your spurring eyes
Is it that thing
On your entrapping smile
That thing
Without a name
That thing
That squiggles and squirms
In my heart
And melts like fat
On a hot pan
But never dies?

Maybe, perhaps, let's say
Your past haunts you
The cold a heart feels
To be left frozen
In empty streets
By someone closer...
But, beloved
I'm not your past...
I come to you
Like a lost
White baby dove
Poor thing in love...
Or do you, perhaps
Want me
To get a little wealthier
But when I look at you
I see my wealth...

I love you, already
Give way
To the waterfalls
Of love inside you
Here comes spring
Flood my soul
Choke my spirit
I know you can love!

© 254brady, December 2018

Photo: Vinny Weizs


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