I won't give you a ride on a magic carpet
I'm not the Romeo Juliet
Twenty-first century puppet
I heard you were looking for Mr. Perfect
Well, I made him prefect
All he can accord me is respect
I know this you didn't expect
Romance without flowers
But hot midnight showers
See, I'm the man superman cowers
For I keep surmounting his powers
In my presence his head lowers

Ain't started yet
So don't be in a hurry to get in my net
Hey! Hey! Calm yourself, don't fret
I'm the surest bet
I even make the sun wet
Bad thing you're falling for a poet
Bursting tank no outlet

See, my punchlines can sink an ocean
I can make the bat gain vision
Or worse, compress the universe in a basin
I'm the man who plays the violin
Just like the mandolin
Only emotions no bow
You saw Everest bending low
Heard the dead Osama say ‘wow’
Still wondering how
I hate to say it's me now
See, the bravest dragon was my cow
The solar system stole my belts
And made them orbits

Yet with all this valour and strength
You dare take away my breath
A wonder you scare the life out of death
What on earth!
Never seen a mermaid with legs before
Sleeping beauty I saw you in folklore
Yay! you're making this introvert
Become a chronic pervert
How dare you make Paradise a desert
And you won't stop for even
You've started taking hell to heaven
Why does fire feel this cold
Girl, you are what I was told
In the brave stories of the old
The woman with a heart so bold
Americans have their Wonder Woman
I wonder if you are human

© 254brady, 2017

Art by Julie Morin


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