I want this night
To pass
Without me thinking
About love-making
With my chest
In yours
And maybe a baby kiss
It's okay
If we don't talk
I just want to feel
The inner you
Turning you inside-out

Of course
You don't trust me
But this is my U-turn
Not that you turn me off
My blood is already warm
You can feel the heat
Right from Eden
I'm so veined
I'm almost bursting
At your body's teasing
But I promise
Not to swim
In this tempting
Virgin blue pool!

Just close to you
To feel your heartbeat
Without thinking
About your breasts
You breathing softly
On my philtrum
While your fingers
Entice my nape...
You know
I'm a dragon
But this night
My fire-glands are dead
To resurrect
And erect
Fresh in your soul
To feel intimate
Emotional intercourse...

© 254brady, December 2018


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