There are times
I remember
Our childhood dreams
And I wonder
The baronial levels
Of maturity
A child can have
For it wasn't just
Chamama chababa
My heart did harbour
A lot, Maria
From an early age...

I had my dreams
Close to me, Maria
And in those dreams
I saw you Maria
As the woman
Of my dreams
Oh, Maria
Your sweet sanguinary smile
Stoic glare
My Maria
I remember
All those things
And as I remember
A tear drops
On my left foot
Dear Maria...

Dear Maria
Wherever you are
Please know I'm not fine
I still got my brush
Stuck in my teeth
And with a lot in it
Oh, Maria...
There are times
I get so close
To my dreams
It frightens me
And I know I want this
But I'm afraid Maria
And when these times
Come, Maria
I wish my dear
I could see your face
Saying in a calm echo
“Be stronger, Brady”
Without a sound...

I want to act
Like a man, Maria
And own my
Like when I was a kid...
They said I'm stubborn
For I could cause a fuss
When my art
Was abused Maria
Not for fame
Not for money
Art Maria
Is the closest thing
To my soul...
MJ said Maria
That all of us
Are products
Of our childhood...
So where are you
My Maria...

If this poem
Doesn't make sense
Dear Maria
It doesn't have to
But it's got
My soul in it
For Maria
I have fire
In my brain
Yet the thorns
In my belly
Bring me
To my knees
And I walk
On my fours...
So if I die tonight
Know this Maria
I died trying...
And I was almost there...

Sitaki uza
Upepo kwa dunia
Kipenzi Maria
Maana n'tashea
Mwanga was ndoto mkali
Nasota kitango malale...
Nishapigwa mwangele...
Ni kama kucheza ngoma goya
Labda ipo siku
Nitakapoubwaga moyo
Kwa sauti yako ya ninga
Na sumaku ya uso wako
Unifishe ganzi
Kwa mguso wako
Wa kugandisha nafsi
Na kupoza ashiki
Moyoni utie mwanga na nakshi
Unipe ya Pemba
Nikulishe ya Unguja
Pendo likolee
Ndoto zitimie...


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