The night falls
The first wolf howls
Your eyes are pregnant with love
There's a warmth on your skin
That awakens mountains
Across my evil chest

You want us to slide into action
To plunge into passion
You grant permission
We're ready for this mission
There's no other option
But to love you dear
On the moonlit garden chair
There's even no time for fear
No time to be fair

I've been wanting all day
To wrap myself around
That choking figure
To squeeze all the passions
To manoeuvre all positions
To love you here and now
I'll fly you places
Till your wings fly off

This night you will retain
And bless the day you were born
And that hanging silvery moon
Will remind you planets
Memories shall linger
As said by poets
Girl, when you recall this night
You'll cast your tongue out
The voices you'll have made
Shall haunt and numb your ears

© 254brady, 2018

Photo: Omar Ortiz


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