You think it's easy for me
To forget you Swimmer Girl
The lustful look
In your turquoise eyes
When our skins rubbed
Those rosebud lips
Your therapeutic grandeur
That scenatic body

You made me pour
The icy hot waters of my soul
In that ocean you called a pool
We talked of backstroke
Butterfly and breaststroke
But forgot to crawl

And when the night fell
There was no need for cover
For the warmth in your heart
Was enough blanket
Daring to forget
Is like rubbing off my skin
Is like Donald Trump
Walking naked and unarmed
In the peaceful barracks
Of North Korea

You see Swimmer Girl
I'd befriended the swimming pool
To see that figure that made me drool
You made me ogle like a fool
You were so perfect in your tankini
Your sopping hips dried my mouth
Your pert bust syphoned my lungs
I could see them through
Your steaming wet swimsuit
That sculpted you... so erotic

There was a lot of world
When we were alone
The warm lip-freezing snogging
The soft skin-peeling touches
Your stern begging eyes
The sparks your fingers ignited
Along my electric spine

© 254brady 2018


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