You turn me on
With your ebony skin
I love my berries pitch-black
’Cause I'm addicted
To sweeter juices
So wrap me inside
Those intense melanin layers
And My Black Baby
If they say
Black is Satan
I still love your evil seduction
’Cause once you go black
You can never go back

I love it
When you glower
With your glowing black eyes
You awaken me
When you say NAKUPENDA
In your deep African accent
So, Black Baby, come on
Turn me ooooooon...
With your ebony skin
Let the games begin
My Black Creep
Love me deep
Now, turn and show me Mama Africa
You can never be a free car
Your heart is expensive
And your love expansive
Bounce for me your heritage
Bind me in your bondage

Black is beautiful
And maybe
A little more
I want what you got
’Cause you got what I want
Arrest me
My Black Love
In those kinky hairs
You don't need make up
You're already made up
So shut up
And give me kisses
Shutter me into pieces
My Black Princess
You kill me with your niceness
’Cause black is priceless

All that you come with
Rattles my teeth
For, Sweet Black Love
The way you serve
I wanna carry the waiter home
I won't roam to Rome
Your kisses are ambrosial
Whenever you shake
You shake my heart too
Whenever you wiggle
My soul you tickle
Stop looking at me...
But continue
Stop stopping
Queen of Sheba
I await your caravan
I wanna explore
The Sahara
Get lost
In the Victoria Basin
Touch and feel
Every throbbing Nandi hill
Stretch on you
Upwards like the Nile

Ebony Girl
They call you Negro
But you ain't a slut
Your skin is DIVINE
You ain't a kafir
Your accent is perfect
You speak well your mother tongue
They can't speak your vernacular
You are unique
Don't fake
Just cruise as they sink
Leave them drooling
Chasing that dark chocolate goody
Yes, black makes SENSE
You ain't low
Black is Eden
Black is Heaven
Black is Paradise
Black is Gold
Black is God

Photo: Queen Nyakim(The Queen of the Dark) and T.Berry