Thank you for your interest in Poetic Percussion: A Collection of Seductive Symphonies. The following is a preview of what the book is about:

What Is Poetic Percussion

This is an anthology of poems on romance written by myself Brady Kenya. The idea of Poetic Percussion came to life in 2010. I had a similar collection but not published; unfortunately I lost the manuscript but I could remember some lines. So you'll still find poems like Every Time With You and Never Lonely which were written in that timespan.

What's In Poetic Percussion

As highlighted above, Poetic Percussion contains poems on romance. I'd call it my journey in writing about romance. You'll find my earliest poem on this topic(Every Time With You) upto my latest poems like Butterfly Girl; among many others that have not been published anywhere else!

Why Should I Read Poetic Percussion

I believe, among all other things, romance is an epic journey, or perhaps, the pinnacle in everyone's life. We all have different perceptions. Some may choose to express it through celibacy, others want it banging and shouting, others want it slow silent and low-pitched while some just want it normal and average. We all do it wrong sometimes, get hurt, learn, betray ourselves, try again, get hurt even more, give up, start again... and so on and so forth. My anthology contains all this craziness and reading it will not only be fun but you'll learn a few things you may need to know
Also having this book with you is a way of promoting my work and my upward trek as a freelance creative.

How Do I Get Poetic Percussion

Poetic Percussion is available as both a hard copy and an eBook. The eBook goes at USD 5.00
or KES 500. You can get it via PayPal or MPesa Click on the buttons below to access it via these channels

After buying the eBook, you'll receive it via email or WhatsApp in accordance to your preference.
The price for the hardcover(a book you can hold in your hands and turn pages with your fingers) will depend on your liking. To get the hardcover kindly email me using info@254brady.com and HCPP as your subject. You could use it as message too. Or you could use the contact form below where it says Say Hello To Me!
In case any of the methods I've mentioned above are difficult for you email me or use the contact form below. I'm willing to help you access the book without strains.


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